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We are not a program orientated church. Members of The Vine are encouraged to actively engage in discipleship, walking in the light and being accountable to one another. In the course of open and honest relationships we believe Holy Spirit will reveal issues He wants you to deal with the support of brothers and sisters in Christ. HOWEVER, we know God has used programs to dramatically heal and restore people Christians and non Christians from deep seated things in their lives. Some of our leaders have been through such programs as listed below and we offer them to anyone inside and oustide the church who honestly wants help. We are here to serve.
Struggling with lust or pornography - if you are a local believer (not necessarily a member of The Vine) and need help click this link.
Need a Christ centred twelve step program to help you break free from lifes hurts, hangups and habits visit our section on Celebrate Recovery suitable for Christians and non Christians.

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A number of our members run their own business please consider using their services