What we believe

This section is specifically for those in membership of The Vine, or considering membership. If you are considering membership please speak to one of our elders to discuss any of the issues raised in this section, or anything you are unsure about.

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Core Values

Each member is full of the reviving power of God.

At our core we know God is good and He always wants the best for us.

Our salvation creates our identity through Christ’s death and resurrection

We are a new creation

We are children of God 100% righteous

We are responsive to His grace, His love is epic

It empowers us to live a supernatural life

And do what we could not do before

We focus on His presence because He is focussed on us

So we walk in His glory for the sake of the world

We are creating healthy family because everything in life

Flows through relationships and family houses life

God’s word transforms us, it’s a doorway to the feast of knowing Him

God still speaks. We hear His voice, and we aim to respond quickly

Jesus empowers supernatural ministry, He has called us to do greater works

So we preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead

His kingdom is advancing because we are co labouring with a BIG God, and the enemy is defeated

We are free and responsible

We are free from sin and live responsible lives

Honour affirms value so we recognise the Christ in others, and celebrate His glory in them

We have hope in a glorious Bride

We live with an overcoming, victorious mindset

Of the increase of His government, and of peace, there will be no end

We are revival

We are God’s gift of reviving culture to our community

Core Beliefs

Core Values

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